Challenges are opportunities to define purpose and glory

Believing humble actions over mere words makes the difference needed in this world!

The business name we selected has meaning to us. Angel Cyit is a play-on-words. We define Angel in reference to the powerful spiritual protectors and deliverers of God's will in heaven, not always seen. Cyit translates to "splendor" or "glory" in Texmelucan Zapotec. We believe in making a positive difference in the world through positive actions.

We mentor, advise, and assist individuals, businesses, and organizations in making positive changes that improve their world and the world around us. Rather than raising ourselves up, we believe that raising others up to be tomorrow's leaders, industry leaders, and world changers is the best thing for all of us. From complex challenges in life to corporate solutions, from the individual to global facilitator, we derive decisionmakers and deliver perspective. Our more than 30 years across industries to include public affairs, civil emergency management, corporate governance, military and federal leadership, and ministry experience.

We bring a unique perspective to every project. We work closely with our clients to understand their specific needs and develop custom solutions that address their toughest challenges. Our goal is to help our clients succeed by providing innovative and effective solutions that drive results.

Experience and Knowledge

At Angel Cyit, we're committed to delivering results and transformational growth. Our experience brings a wealth of knowledge and continual learning experiences we seek to share without bias and barriers. Success is determined in many facets, and is where we thrive. From local to global, we have enjoyed learning and helping others meet their goals and exceed expectations.

Who We Are

Angel Cyit is a trusted advisor working with industry leaders and individuals to improve our world. We provided individuals and organizations the known and unknown with unconventional (out-of-the-box) positive solutions to deliver success. Our future is in your hands; and, we work to deliver sound discernment to fulfill the needs of our clients.

Trusted Faith-Driven Leadership Solutions

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